Sunny Garden Smart Kids Centre

Sunny Garden was established in 2001. We always focus on building up the children’s interest in English and Chinese, to consolidate language proficiency. We offer various comprehensive English and Chinese programmes, to cater for different learning needs. Our programmes are based on four cores: listening, speaking, reading and writing, and are designed for 1-14 year old of age students in order to build a solid foundation for their language development.

We have a comfortable and spacious centre equipped with comprehensive facilities. Our team is composed of experienced native teachers, psychologists and school teachers who are professional and fully qualified. We make use of a variety of fun class activities and course materials to help children develop their potential and cheerfully set out on their life path.


Our Philosophy
We aim to create a positive learning atmosphere filled with joy and nurtured by interaction with experienced teachers. Based on no pressure primes, we help children to build up their confidence step by step, and to achieve an active learning attitude. We offer a diverse holistic education that is designed to stimulate children’s creative thinking and self-learning, eventually to fulfill their potential.

“Example is better than precept” is important belief of ours. We love kids, all of our experienced and professional teachers and staff strives to support and encourage children in every way, to cultivate their good spirituality, morality and cooperativeness. With a small class teaching environment we can help them reach a holistic development.